Shoot results




Handicap Lewis Results
  1-25 Straight

50 Target Result's as Follows
There was a tie at 49 however a 45 Reverse beat 0 reverse
45 was a three way tie decided by 17 Reverse
42 was a 5 way tie decided by 5 Reverse
37 was a 7 wat tie decided by 8 Reverse

If you filled out an envelope with your address your prize will be mailed this week.

Results for The Big Game were as follows
1) Buford K
2) John P
3) Bill B
4) Bill B


Forty one shooters braved Mother Nature's wind and rain at our Annual Spring 100 Shoot on May 19th.

Here are the results:

3-98's paid $59.00

4-92's paid $44.00 

2-89's paid $89.00 

2-83's paid $89.00 

Thank you all for coming out and braving the elements! 


 Our Annual Father's Day Shoot had a record number of shooter's! Results are below.
128-16 Yard Shooter's  and 57-Handicap Shooter's

16 Yard Result's are as follows:
2-50's split $187.90
47 with a 46 RR $187.20
44 with a 12 RR $187.20
40 with a 15 RR $187.20
34 with a 7 RR $187.20

Handicap Result's are as follows:
47 with a 19 RR $95
41 with a 15 RR $95
33 with a 10 RR $95

Combo Lewis Result's are as follows:
1-97 paid $73.33
88 with a 6 RR $73.33
1-78 paid $73.33

Father/Son/Daughter Result's are as follows:
97 paid $66.67
89 with a combined RR 37 paid $66.67
78 with a combined RR 13 paid $66.67

Thank You so much for making this a Fantastic Day of Family Fun!

All prizes have been mailed out, if you left a self-addressed envelope for us.  If you didn't please call the club at 920-699-3968 and let us know. Otherwise, your prize will be behind the counter the next time you stop in. We are open Sunday's 9-3,  Tuesday's and Wednesday's 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM during Summer League.